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Free Shipping on Orders over $99

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We make products that cater to all skin types. They are intuitive, solution oriented & inclusive of all Indian skin types and shades.

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Shahnaz Husain has received prestigious international awards and received Quality Excellence Awards in London, Geneva, Cannes, Paris and New York.

The Shahnaz Husain Brand is internationally renowned for organic beauty care, based on Ayurveda, blending ancient traditions with advanced techniques.

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I have used Shaheena scalp Cleanser for the first time and my scalp feels good. It feels clean. Scalp itchiness is all gone in 2 applications. Good product. No need to use shampoo. Good price for the amount in the bottle as only a little i.e., half a teaspoon, is required to cover the scalp. I use 2 applications at a time and the second application really lathers up


I have a dry skin and have been using Diamond nourishing skin cream and lotion for a few years now. I have to admit that these products absorb very well into the skin and show visible results within a few days of usage.


The new pack looks more attractive and easy to use. The cream appears slightly less greasy compared to the old formula, otherwise, not much difference in texture. The label says twice a day use formula but presently I am using once in the evening with good effect. First face-wash followed by toner and then later Shafair- in this order. Other than that daytime I am using SP50 when outdoors. Not getting the tan effect on using this cream.


SHAMEN - It is an amazing product. It acts like a moisturiser and gives a very soothing feel after shave. I love using this product.


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