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Shahnaz Husain Fair One Facial Cream Scrub Mask & Face Wash

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Shahnaz Fair One Fairness Facial Kit Cream Scrub and Mask  

1) Shahnaz Husain Fair One Cream 50gm  

Indications     FAIR ONE cream has a unique blend of herbal ingredients like saffron, honey, apricot oil, rose, cucumber and lemon distillate. The formulation protects the skin from the darkening effects of the sun. Honey, a natural moisturiser, nourishes the skin, keeping it smooth and supple. FAIR ONE cream helps to make your skin look fairer and brighter.REG

Method of Use     Apply to face, neck and arms twice daily. See results in One fortnight.

2) Shahnaz Husain Fair One Scrub  100gm  

Indications     A powerful blend of aloe vera, walnut, saffron and sandalwood, it deep cleanses the skin, removing dead skin cells from the outer layer, along with their contained pigment. Gradually lightens skin colour, removes tan and improves texture. Revitalizes the skin, leaving it naturally fairer and brighter.
Method of Use     Apply on face and rub gently on the skin with circular movements. Wash off with water.

3) Shahnaz Husain Fair One Mask   100gm

Indications        Based on a powerful Ayurvedic formula for natural fairness and enriched with almond, bael, saffron and honey, it helps to remove tan, gradually lightening skin colour and bringing about an even colour tone. Moisturises and nourishes the skin, making it appear smooth and radiant.
Method of Use     Apply on face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash it off when it dries

4) Shahnaz Husain Fairone Face Wash Cleanser  - 100ml 
 Use this as a step 1 as a face cleanser / face wash before staring the fairone facial.
 can also be used as a regular face wash

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