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60g VLCC Diamond Facial Kit For Skin Polishing and Purification

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60g VLCC Diamond Facial Kit For Skin Polishing and Purification
Net Contents: 60g
Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner: 10g
Diamond Scrub: 10g
Diamond Detox Lotion: 10g
Diamond Massage Gel: 10g
Diamond Wash-off Mask: 10g
Oil Free Moisturizing Gel: 10g
This product helps detoxify the skin by gently removing dirt and grime from the skin leaving it's soft and conditioned.
It enhances skin's natural defense mechanism forming a protective layer over skin.
It helps stimulate the skin to fight against premature ageing caused by pollution. It improves elasticity and leads to a radiant complexion.
It brightens, lightens and evens out dull, patchy and damaged skin.
VLCC has taken this relation a step further and has designed a complete facial with Diamond Bhasma that fights premature aging of skin and offers an instant glow and polish to the skin. Diamond Bhasma or ash that is obtained through heating and pulverizing diamonds with herbs has cell renewing and rejuvenating properties. It also improves skin's metabolism, helps in absorption of active ingredients, and hydrates and detoxifies skin.

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