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362g Olivia Shiner Bleach With Diamond Dust & No Added Amonia

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362g Olivia Shiner Bleach With Diamond Dust And No Added Amonia

Olivia Shiner Bleach gives you a unique sparkle. It comes with a Diamond Booster which includes pure Diamond Booster which includes Diamond dust that gives your skin that extra sparkle of diamonds. Sparkle like a diamond with this post bleach serum, enhanced with sunscreen that protects your skin against tanning. Reward your skin with instant fairness with the Olivia Shiner Bleach. Enriched with green tea extracts and specialised to help your skin glisten and glow, the Olivia Oxygen bleach is sure to leave your skin with an enhanced and brighter complexion. Precautions Before use: Always wash the area to be bleached with cold water and dry normally. Do not use face wash or cleansers. Always mix Diamond Booster containing diamond dust into the mixture of cream and activator to enhance bleaching effect. Do not bleach after a hot bath as pores are open or immediately after exposure to sunlight. Avoid use on broken, irritated skin. Never let Activator or Mixture get into the Cream bottle. Also, do not dip the spatula in the Activator but take the required quantity on the spatula and mix it on the given tray. Mild irritation is normal with bleaching. However, if it starts itching or burning, remove it immediately. Next day, add more cream and then apply. The proportion of cream and activator varies according to skin types. If irritation, itching or burning continues, apply ice after removing bleach cream. It is safe for skin with pimples. Never mix the cream and activator until you are ready to start its use. Before each use perform a patch test and follow enclosed directions. Though meant for sensitive skin, you are still advised to conduct a patch test in a small area of the arm. Depending on your skin type, the effect of Olivia Shiner Bleach lasts for 2-3 weeks. However, use after 15-20 days is strongly recommended. For external use only/ keep away from children. Always store in a cool and dry place. Precautions Before use: Use of soap is not advisable after bleaching for at least 2 hours. Avoid going out into the sun after bleaching or use in the evening. Do not keep aside the mixed bleach for re-use.

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